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     Recently, I have been asked by many people a lot of questions regarding the  disappearance of my fiancee, Suzy, and how I feel now that the anniversary of  her disappearance is nearly upon us. There is one question, however, that seems  to be asked more frequently than most of the rest: How do you feel about the  person or persons that are responsible for Suzy being missing?

     The first time I was asked this question, I had to pause for a moment -  I hadn't really thought about that aspect of things. But slowly a single word  began to form in my mind. Coward. Nothing more, nothing less, simply the word  coward.

     I began to think about the type of person that would do something like  this. The type of person that would take a kind, sweet, loving girl from her  loved ones. The type of person that doesn't have the guts to own up to their  actions. The type of person who would allow the friends, families, and loved  ones of Suzy to go on for so long not knowing anything. Ultimately, I realized  that, to me, there was no better word for this person than a simple coward.

     Not only is this person a coward, but so are their friends. I read  somewhere recently the statement "No man is an island," and I couldn't agree  more. Someone, somewhere, has to know more about this situation and what  happened, and they too are cowards.

     They may think that they're protecting a loved one or a friend, but to  them I pose the question: What are you protecting? A thief? A rapist or a child  molester? Or even a murderer? What if you were the one missing a loved one?  Wouldn't you want someone like you to come forth and help?

     And to the person or persons who are directly involved in my loved  one's disappearance, I have this to say. You are a coward and otherwise would  not be worth spending more than a moment's thought on if it were not for this  situation. You have destroyed the lives of two families, and have severely  affected many, many more. Maybe you think you have an excuse for what you did,  maybe you think that because something happened to you in your childhood, it  gives you an excuse to act like this now. It doesn't. You are responsible for  your actions and what you have done, but are apparently too scared, as a child  is of the night, to take that responsibility. Maybe, for once in your life, you  should do the Right and Honorable thing, or does fear control you?

     We miss you, Suzy.


Richard Condon
Latham, New York

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